ADAS1000 filters


I plan to do first steps with your ADAS1000 ECG frontend IC and I am quite a newbie in digital signal processing . I read that the ADAS1000 only has a configurable low-pass filter between the amplifier and adc.

I know from my discrete analog ecg-circuits that I had to implement also a 50Hz Notch and highpass filter. So I cant apply an these two filters discrete in hardware with the ADAS1000 but have to use DSP with the output data.

Do you have a suggestion what performance criteria I should seek to be able to process three ECG channels? So if I had to apply a Notch and a Highpass filter

simultaneously  with 14bits output of the ADAS1000 I guess an Arduino or even a RaspberryPi would not work deliver enough performance for that.. Is that right?

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  • Hi, you don't need discrete filter, you can implement filters in your microprocessor. Also suggested to use battery for powering and there is no patch to 50-60 Hz power supplies. Every thing should be isolated!

    The output of adas1000 is SPI and you can connect it to arduino or every thing simply.