the sample frequency is not same as the input signal.


   recently ,we brought an AD9278-50EBZ Evaluation Board  and an HSC-ADC-EVALCZ board, after we follow "AD9278_79_eEVB_User_Guide", there is some errors as following.

  we power the two boards using  original distribution 6V power adapter for each board, then we use an signal synthesizer to generate a 1MHz, Vpp = 6V sin wave input to CH_A, when we run the FFT  routine,finally, the frequency of the signal with the highest energy on the graph is 0.7MHz; also we test the 5MHz sine wave input, the analytical results is 3.8MHz, the 10MHz sine wave input, analytical results show the most highest energy signal is around 7.6MHz.

        we read the UG again and again , still cannot result the problem,so can you help us.