AD9849 H signal level

Dear ADI Technical Support Center:


I used your company's AD9849 chip in the subject experiment and encountered related technical problems in the experiment.

My project uses your company's AD9849 CCD driver chip with Sony's ICX697FKW CCD image sensor. At present, a board PCB has been proofed to achieve the initial driving of the signal, but the H signal level standard is not met in use.

The H1 signal provided by the AD9849 chip is 0V/5V (DVDD1 is already available for 5V).

However, the H signal level standard required by the ICX697FKW chip is -3V/3V.

At present, the system can be used normally on other 0V/5V standard CCD systems, but this level requires different chips to work normally.

I want to find a solution from your company so that the level meets the requirements.

Best wishes!