ADN2872 question


I am currently using ADN2872 chip, but encountered some questions, please help answer. The following diagram shows the schematic used:

50 m of input signals used (DATAP, DATAN):

Problems encountered:

  1. chip power on (VCC=3.3 v) alarm (FAIL=3.3V, IMODN=3.3>1.2V alarm), resulting in the chip can not work;

2.ERREF can not meet the required voltage voltage of 1.23 v, up to 1.17 v maximum;

  1. chip data is less, only manual, but some of the component parameters are not given, such as FAIL、IMODN pull resistance is not given, please be clear. The above is in the use of the process encountered problems, but also please help answer, look forward to your reply!


Pu Li