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AD9102: How set RUN bit in PAT_STATUS register?

Sorry for the NOOB question but I am picking up work during someone else's vacation.

I am running the ad9102 through the Quick Start LabVIEW and all is going well.

I want to set the board so it can be triggered remotely.

I believe I have to set the RUN bit in the pat_status register (0x1E) in order to do this.

I can set the PATTERN_RPT bit in the pat_type register (0x1F) either through the GUI or by editing the regval file.

I can't do likewise with the RUN bit either through the GUI or by editing the regval file.

So my question is threefold:

  1. How do I set the RUN bit?
  2. Do I need to set it to enable remote triggering.
  3. Is there any documentation which may shed more light on this?

Thanks in advance,


  • There is no such thing as NOOB questions! And sorry for the delayed response as I am picking someone else's work as well Slight smile

    It appears that you are doing every thing right. Writing the RUN bit and then trigger with the TRIGGER pin. Are you still having the problem? If the problem still persists I can try to replicate your problem in the lab.