AD9129 sampling on incorrect phase error


I am using AD9129 at 2457.6 MHz. I get PLL and DLL lock properly. My fifo levels are stable at following values:

address 0x13 is at 0x01

address 0x14 is at 0x01

address 0x15 is at 0x03

address 0x16 is at 0x03.

I am using SED feature of the IC and I am getting no errors at all. My DCI line is another data line, specifically an LVDS line. However when I read register 0x0E I read 0x87 which means data is sampled on incorrect phase. 

Why am I getting this error when everything looks just fine?

Secondly, can you please elaborate on what data is sampled on incorrect phase mean and how the IC knows about it?

Thank you.

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