ad9144 configuration

hi sir. this is vinay. am using AD9144(DAC) interfacing with kcu105 fpga board. how to configure ad9144.

i need 140 MHz output from to get this frequency from ad9144 sir...High-Speed DACs

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    on Jun 7, 2018 3:39 AM

    Hi vinaykumar,

    The AD9144 has an NCO, which is effectively a digital RF mixer.

    If you provide DC samples for I/Q, and program the FTW to correspond to 140MHz, you should observe a 140MHz tone at the output. Just note that OUT_I and OUT_Q are split (which is NOT the case for the AD916x or the AD917x, for example)

    The level of the DC samples directly controls the signal level at the DAC output:

    Note that this would apply to any DAC that has an NCO. As for the details how to do this, please start by getting familiar with the datasheet. In particular, with how to setup a JESD204B link between the FPGA and the AD9144. And I'd be happy to answer any specific questions as they come up

    Worth noting, that if your intent is simply to generate a 140MHz tone, maybe a stand-alone DDS chip is a better choice. Or the AD916x or the AD917x which have a DDS option included. But these may be pricey to use as a DDS, in comparison, unless you need the bandwidth (DC to 6GHz) or the FFH functionality.

    I hope this helps.

    Best Regards,