Documentation for .NET API of ADS7-V2


We've recently starting working with an AD9164-FMC-EBZ evaluation board tested with an ADS7-V2. Running from DPGDownloader works well, and this DAC seems very powerful. The software is a bit limiting though.

Focusing on the ADS7-V2 side for the moment, DPGDownloader has some limitations- a big one is that it won't upload our full waveforms, choking at about 100 MS. We've got around this by uploading in chunks using the .NET interface. We got this far by looking at the Matlab examples and using .NET introspection features (via python, if anyone is interested in the code).

This works fairly well, however it's missing a couple of features compared to DPGdownloader. The biggest one is that by ticking a box in DPGDpwnloader, we can enable the trigger output every time the waveform loops. Looking through the .NET assemblies, it seems that there's an option for the old LVDS interface ('...ADS72.FmcCores.Lvds.Ads7SeriesLvdsCoreTx.StartOfVectorTriggerOutputEnable'), but we can't find anything similar associated with JESD204.

The main question then, is whether there is any official, up-to-date documentation for the .NET api? There is some information included in the help documentation for DPGDownloader, but it seems very out of date. A more specific question, is whether there is a particular method in .NET for enabling the trigger output that you can point us to?

Thanks! Looking forward to fully putting this DAC through it's paces.