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Settling time

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: AD9746

Looking at the Data sheet, I don't see where it states the settling time any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Unfortunately, this spec wasn't included in the datasheet. Please give us a few days to measure this on bench. Can you indicate the reason for obtaining the settling time for this device? 

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  • Hello,

    These DAC's are mostly targeting waveform reconstruction applications hence most of the performance specs are based on spectral purity vs time domain specs such as glitch-energy and settling time.

    The link below provides application note with more detail on DAC settling time.  Note that the settling time should be measured with DC coupling on one of the outputs that has a 50 ohm resistor to AGND which then drives 50 ohm cable into 50 ohm o'scope.   The other differential output should be terminated in 25 ohms.  The digital waveform should be from -FS to +FS square wave and the DAC update rate need not at max rate of 250 MSPS (i.e. perhaps use 50 MSPS).  The digital scope must have high input BW (>1 GHz) and hopefully provide specs on its settling time (i.e. 1 nsec to 0.1% accuracy) when scope is not overdriven.