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ADS7-V2EBZ problem when playing a pattern to the evaluation board AD9164-FMCC-EBZ

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD9164

I connected the evaluation board AD9164-FMCC-EBZ to the FMC connector of the ADS7-V2EBZ. I connected them to the PC through the ADS7’s USB cable, and powered on both of them successfully via de ADS7’s ac cable. I opened the DPGdownloaderLite and the ACE software.

The DPGdownloaderLite could detect the AD9164 board though the ADS7. The generation of the waveform seems ok. The FPGA was reload with the chosen vector. Although the SYNC status showed in red X even after clicking down the arrow button to download the pattern from the computer to the ADS7-V2EBZ.

When checking ACE software, no hardware could be detected.

Any suggestions?