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AD9106 - Pulse width rise time control

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD9106


- Generate the square pulses with variable frequency, Amplitude, and Variable duty . One thousand ns Rise and fall time.

- The variable frequency ranges from 1Khz to 500 Khz. 

Assume I am generating 1Khz Pulse with the following timing. 

Here are the questions: 

- Using the AD9106 generating the 1Khz, is it possible to generate the desired frequency closely and accurately? 

- If possible, what will be the desired sample rate for the 1 kHz that can be accommodated to a given memory? 4096x12 bit

- Is the rise/fall time of the pulses controllable to the desired level using this AD9106? At minimum, we want 1000 ns rise / fall time for 1 kHz pulse. Is it possible to achieve this at what sample rate? 

- We need a adjustable duty from 10 % to 90 % .on the frequency range of 1 Khz o 400 Khz. Any limitation with AD9106 to achieve this. 

Are there any calculator sheets available to work out the above requirement for generating an SRAM pattern? Specifically, given the frequency and ramp time, what will be the data rate, optimum samples, achievable frequency as compared to the set frequency, etc.? 

Thank you for the help