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AD9106 is not working but I can't figure it out why

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD9106

I'm trying to configure the AD9106 to generate a sawtooth wave for driving the galvometer
I use an Xillinx FPGA to generate the corresponding SPI signals to communicate with the AD9106
However, whatever I changes the settings, the output of the AD9106 remains a 0.01V DC constant.

I tried to change the BGDR code of the 0x03 register, the IOREF voltage is changing correspondingly as I expected, which implies that the SPI communication is working,

I powered the AD9106 with  2.5V, the LDO pads is 1.8V, which is as I expected, indicating that the chip is not broken( I guess).

I suspect that I've done somthing wrong in the output stage circuit

The image below is our output stage circuit and AD9106 circuit schematic.

The clocking is clocked by a on board LVDS oscillator, directly fed in the CLK_P CLK_N port (which I couldn't measure it on the oscilloscope)

I need assistance Disappointed

I appreciate your help very much.