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What's the difference between "Gain drift" and "Gain error drift"?

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: LTC2000A, AD9136

The paramter of temperature drift in LTC2000A‘s datasheet is named "offset error drift" and "Gain error drift". Howerver, this relative parameter is named "gain drift" and "offset drift" without "error" in AD9136's datasheet. Are they the same?If not, what's the difference and which chip's performance of temperature drift is better? Thanks.

Paramter of temperature drift in LTC2000A's datasheet

Paramter of temperature drift in AD9136's datasheet

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  • Hi  ,

    I believe those terms pertain to the same thing. In the AD9136 Datasheet, these terms are under the "Temperature Drift" terminology. Offset Drift and Gain Drift are variations in offset error/gain error due to a change in ambient temperature, and both are typically expressed in ppm of full-scale range (FSR) per °C (ppm/°C). 

    Regarding performance, the two cannot be compared directly because the temperature drift specs for both devices were evaluated at different conditions: AD9136 temperature drifts is evaluated at ambient operating temperature of -40°C to +85°C, while LTC2000A is at evaluated at +25°C.