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Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD9176: Does not complete calibration


I have a question from our customer about the calibration of AD9176.
He is using AD9176-FMC-EBZ, ADS8-V1EBZ, and ACE.
He said, after "apply" the parameters, 0x052[2:1] returned 0x04 and stayed. It indicates that the calibration process is running.
So he asks us two questions as follows:
  1. How can he complete the calibration?
  2. What is this calibration doing?

Could you please answer?
If you need more information, please let me know.

Best regards,


  • Hello, calibration is used to minimize DC current mismatch for MSB and ISB current sources at the dac output, and ensure max DNL is < 1LSB. It uses a loop to calibrate the current sources against a reference. The ace startup macro has several more writes than the sequence in table 53 in the 9176 datasheet (calibration startup), so it can be minimized to run just the writes in the datasheet sequence. Additionally, a small delay can be added before the 0x03 write to 0x81, which turns off the calibration clocks. The clocks may be getting shut off before calibration has finished.

    Is the customer familiar with ACE macros? UI.Pause(100) can be used for a delay in the macro code.