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AD9106 DAC output voltage range

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD9106

 Hi,   I have a question about AD9106 DAC output voltage range, see table1 description, output compliance voltage range is -0.5V~1V, so the IOUT x RL should be <1V, can’t >1V.  Yes or No?

For example, if  I need DAC voltage=3.3V,  whether or not I can set RLoad, make  Iout x RLoad=3.3V?

  • No, that is not possible. The current output stage of the DAC is a PMOS transistor switch with the Gate grounded (low voltage to turn on PMOS) when on so the drain of the PMOS can only swing positive above ground until the device goes out of the saturation region which is the approx. +1V. The negative swing below ground is set by the ESD protection diodes turning on. If you need 3.3 V output swing then you will need to use an external amplifier (as outlined in the datasheet).