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To use the amplifier on the AD9106-ARDZ-EBZ board

Product Number: AD9106-ARDZ-EBZ

Based on the current documentation, I changed the jumper connection as instructed.

Since I only have a 12V/24W wall wart available at the moment, I connected it to P15.

However, I encountered an issue where selecting "On-Board amplifier" in ACE and outputting a waveform did not affect the output voltage, even though I connected the power supply.

Upon reviewing the schematic, I noticed that the VIN of P15 on the board is only connected to the VIN of "POWER".

I am not sure if my understanding is correct.

Vpp originally increased from 400mV to 1.3V (presumably due to the effect of the amplifier on the board),

but I don't understand why it still stays at 1.3V even after connecting the power supply.Thank you.

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    Hi  ,

    Let me correct my previous statement. The maximum output Vpp of +1.0V is only on the output stage of the AD9106 DAC. The maximum peak-to-peak voltage will increase in the output of the amplifier…

  • Hi  ,

    Can you provide screen captures of your output waveform when you select the "On-board amplifier" in ACE? When outputting a waveform thru the On-board Op-amp, please make sure that the the USB…