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Category: Software
Product Number: AD9136_FMC_EBZ
Software Version: ACE
Hi, thank you very much for your help! Now I can successfully read and write registers including ad9136 and ad9516 using verilog. 
But I ran into a new trouble. I'm confused about the Fin parameter in the Initial Configuration Summary interface in ACE software, I don't know what input it refers to?
I already know that RefClk corresponds to the input CLK of the PLL, and FDAC is the final target output frequency of the DAC. This bothers me a lot.
The ad9516 should output two kinds of clocks to the ad9136, one is input to the phase-locked loop, and the other is SYSRef, but it seems that SYSREF is not needed here.
I want to export register list in ACE software, how should I set these parameters to get the correct register list?
  • Now I use an RS SMB100A signal generator to solve the problem. Output 250M sine wave of 3dbm, which solves the problem. The reason why I didn't see the waveform before is that the bandwidth of the oscilloscope is limited. I switched to a spectrum analyzer and saw the frequency domain information correctly. The problem now is that I get the register list according to the evaluation software setting of ad9516-1, use the clock distribution mode, configure the registers correctly but do not get the desired output signal, what is the possible reason? I confirmed that all the registers I have exported are the registers I entered, except the one whose address is 0x002 reads 0x040, and I set it to 0x010, but its description is reserved, what is the meaning of this? Can you help me? 

  • Hi  ,

    Please confirm if I understand your question correctly - you are having problems on the AD9516 clock buffer?
    If yes, might be good to post a question in Clock and Timing 



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  • Thank you very much for your reply, I have already solved it, it is the register list generated by the evaluation software, the last register 0x232 address software generated is 0x00, actually set it to 0x01, it activates all registers. I'm going to debug jesd204 recently, but I don't feel it will go well.