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AD9117 DAC Reset Issue

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD9117

Dear team,

We are facing DAC reset issue on AD9117(DAC)

During power on time DAC registers randomly jump to 0,FF & 0,A instead of default values.

For odd registers the value read is "0" and for even registers the value read is "FF" during first reading.

During Second time reading "0" is read for odd registers and "A" is read for even registers.

Read the registers, after writing the corresponding values in corresponding registers still the junk values only read (the write values didn't write properly).

The reset pulse given for DAC reset pin is 500us for every power ON.

The DAC register write operation is starts after 13ms from DAC reset.

Note: The above mentioned issues are happened only random power On not frequently.

with regards,
Arumuga Raj S
System Engineer

Also share the SPI timing diagram
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  • Hi  ,

    500us reset pulse should be enough duration to reset the registers to their default values, but can you check if you providing the right reset pulse to the RESET/PINMD (pin 35)? The pulse…

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