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AD9102 Sample Codes

Category: Software
Product Number: AD9102

Hi  , since the thread you replied to is already closed, I created a new ticket for you. Here is your question:


Same question here. We ordered AD9102 chips for our board. And we're looking for the sample codes as well to save time doing everything from scratch. Can you please provide it to us? Thank you




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    Hi , 

    We can only provide sample codes for MBED. It can be used as reference for developing codes in other platforms since it is written in C++, a common programming language.



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  • Thanks so much for a quick reply. Since we're developing our own bare-metal application without relying on the MBED, we cannot reuse the MBED code you sent above. Are you able to provide a template version for bare-metal development? We can convert but it just takes too much time for prototyping. Thanks again.