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I want to generate the DC CONSTANT waveform for 0 to Fs (mA current) How I can generate is DAC INPUT Code?

Category: Software
Product Number: ad9106
Software Version: Latest


I want to generate the 0 to 12mA current with scale of 0.010mA. So, I want to generate the DAC input code for generating the DC CONSTANT waveform.

I don't have the negative scale means I have to calculate 0 to Fs so how I can do the calculation?

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  • Hi ,

    You may refer to FAQ16 from the AD9106/AD9102 FAQ Page to set the DC constant waveform.

    To set the full-scale current (IoutFS) of the DAC, you may refer to Page 23 of the AD9106 datasheet. IoutFS for each channel will depend on the value of IREF, which will depend on VREFIO and RSETx for that channel. The values of VREFIO and RSETx may come from the default values onboard, or they may be from an external reference set by the user.

    Note that in the datasheet, IoutFS is only tested in the range 2-8mA, typically at 4mA (assuming onboard default values VREFIO = 1V and RSETx = 8kΩ). If you will choose to exceed this range since you require an IOUTFS of 12mA, you may do so either by using an external VREFIO of 3V, or external SMD resistors (you could use 3x 887Ω resistors in series, which will result to IOUTFS = 12.02mA). However, we cannot guarantee the same performance of the DAC if you exceed the specified values provided in the datasheet.