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Bus/Multi-Drop LVDS Serdes, MAX9206/MAX9208, MAX9205/MAX9207

Category: Hardware
Product Number: MAX9206

Dear Experts,

we want to design a system with Bus LVDS and serializers/deserializers, where a Controller serialize its data via a MAX9207 to an LVDS bus with several Target nodes, listening to the Controller transmission. Each Target node will have a MAX9208 deserializer. There will be a second channel for data from slaves to Controller, where each Target have a serializer (again, MAX9207) to send the data to the masters deserializer, after instructed to do so.

What puzzles me, how do the serializer and deserializers synchronize to each other, on a Bus Multi-Drop structure? On point-to-point serdes implementations, like FPD-Link, the transmitter send sync patterns to the receiver, and they lock to each other. On a one-to-many bus or multi-drop LVDS, does this work as well? The datasheet of the MAX9205/6/7/8 explicit state Bus-LVDS ("BLVDS Serial Input Rated for Point-to-Point and Bus Applications"), but does not show an example of a multi-drop bus application. 

Does Analog have an application note, how to use the MAX9205/6/7/8 in a Bus or Mulit-Drop application? How many nodes would be possible in such a Bus or Mulit-Drop application?

Best regards,

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