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AD9175-FMC-EBZ NCO only mode cannot work in ACE


I want to use AD9175 eval board using ACE Software.I donot have ADS7-V2,so I power the AD9175 eval boaed by a lab supply.

This is my ACE settings:

I can't detect a signal at 1.9875Ghz with spectrograph.

By reading "AD917x-FMC-EBZ Evaluation Board User Guide",I get some guesses and questions about not getting a signal.Hope you can point out my mistakes.

1.How do I know if the ACE is attached to AD9175 Evaluation Board?

At first I thought ACE had detected the Board because of this:

Now I doubt it.Because :

There is no responed when I click "Read SERDES Status".

Can you tell me how to ensure that ACE and AD9175 Evaluation Board are connected?

2.Do I have any problems with the ACE setup?

My requirement is to output a 1.9875GHz signal using NCO only mode.I use HMC7044 to provide the clock for the DAC.For other Settings,we see the first two images above.In my understanding,JESD links are not required when NCO only mode is used.I don't know much about JESD Mode Settings, will it affect my use of NCO only mode?

Can you point out my ACE setting errors?

  • Hi, ACE communicates with the 9175 via the micro usb port on the eval board. To see if you have communication you can click the "flash LED" button at the bottom right of the plugin icon on the start page. You should see a blue LED flash on the eval board. You don't need to worry about serdes/jesd settings for NCO only mode, so you would not see anything appear when you click "read SERDES status" (the jesd link is not set up). However you should see the DAC PLL/DLL locks light up on ACE if the part is programmed correctly and the HMC is producing the appropriate frequencies. Please confirm that you have board communication via the LED check and we can go from there.

  • Hello, Sir. Thank you very much for your answer. I will follow your instructions to check if there is communication.

    For personal reasons, the board and I are in two different places, and debugging requires remote operation. So I may reply to you later. Thank you again for your help.