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What is reset value of 0x0026 WAV4_3CONFIG AD9106 register?

Category: Software
Product Number: ad9106
Software Version: Latest


When I write the registes  0x0026 to 0x3232, I am try to generate DDS waveform using START and STOP delay, after I read back registers, I get the 0x3230. Why these happening three Registes are read wrong. What is exact reset value 0x0026?

I am attaching the execel sheet I put the result in that. I tried to generate DDS through sine wave, but I get the HIGH pulse.

Goal: Four Pulsed Sine Waves with Different Start Delays and Varied Digital Gain Settings Generated by DDS


1. When I write and read back the registers three regsiters are read back wrong.

2.On output of four DAC I get the High pulse.