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LTC2000 unknown SYNC_PS values

Hello everyone,

I'm posting on this forum because while using the LTC2000 DAC on a project, I've encountered on several chips that reading register 0x06 (SYNC_PS) while using the converter in single-port mode returned values that are not part of any of the SYNC_PS tables: 0x22, 0x23 and 0x32. These values I've been getting consistently from different chips used on different PCBs of our electronics, but not often (this will happen once out of every hundred readings or so I'd say). 

Has anyone encountered anything similar? What could be the explanation for it?

  • Hi ,

    I am not aware of this issue, but will check per the datasheet "Use SPI registers 0x05 and 0x06 (Table 6) to observe and control the operation of the synchronizer. Upon power-up, apply clocks to CKP/N and DCKIP/N and set DCKI_EN = 1 (register 0x03) to enable the LVDS data clock receiver. Allow at least 1ms after the clocks have stabilized for the synchronizer to initialize, after which the LTC2000 is ready to accept LVDS input data" , can you check if there is any clock glitch on the CKP/N and DCKIP/N that might cause this...

    In the datasheet "The SYNC_PS bits control the phase of the data multiplexer. For SYNC_MSYN = 0, the SYNC_PS bits are readonly and are automatically adjusted by the synchronizer as needed, based upon the phase of DCKIP/N indicated by SYNC_PH. Users may choose to override the automatic synchronizer by setting SYNC_MSYN = 1 and writing values manually to SYNC_PS to set the phase of the internal multiplexer. When using SYNC_MSYN = 1, users must monitor SYNC_PH and adjust SYNC_PS as needed according to Table 6. For further details see the Synchronizing Multiple LTC2000s section"

    are you using MSYN = 0 ? can you try MSYN = 1 and check  that the value in SYNC_PS is what you have manually written .. I look forward to your reply regards Brigid