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Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD9125

Hello. Please help me.

Q1:output abnormal

 I am seeing anomalies in the output waveform on the AD9125.

 This is happening on the board I designed.

 The figure below shows an abnormal waveform, in which the phase changes at approximately 500ns.


 Is there anything I should review in register settings?

 The operation is as follows.



  ・Dual-word mode


  ・Internal DACCLK = 480MHz

 I wrote the settings of each register in Excel.

 This phenomenon can sometimes be improved by changing bit6 of 0x0A from "0" → "1" → "0".

Q2:FRAME signal

 Also, the FRAME signal is set to HIGH at the same time as RESET.

 Is there a recommended treatment for the FRAME signal?

Best Regards.