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AD9166 output fault problem

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD9166
Software Version: AD9166

Hi, team:

I'm having an output problem with the AD9166.

The AD9166 output a signal, but there is a messy noise on both sides of the signal.The noise randomly hops the output on both sides of the signal.

I customized the AD9166 board card, random appearance of this phenomenon. I excluded the input data problem.

Because when you switch to NCO mode, you also have this noise.

This phenomenon is greatly affected by temperature. When the temperature is higher or the temperature changes, these noises are more likely to appear.

Is it because of the AD9166 input clock problem?

The clock is provided by LMX2572. I measured the power, and the single terminal power is - 16dBm

When trying to increase the power of LMX2572 to - 11dBm, there are two higher noises on both sides of the output signal of the AD9166.

AD9166 config:

Device clock:10GHz

lane rate:10Gbps


Is this noise caused by the 6GHz clock? I found that modifying the clock duty cycle register of the AD9166 will reduce the number of times this noise occurs.

Can you give me some screening ideas?

AD9166 output 2.15GHz signal

AD9166 input clock 6GHz