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AD9172 power dissipation

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD9172

Hi all,

I have some question on AD9172's table 4.

It shows some condition for the chip power consumption.

I try to calculate the mode1 in dual-link mode, but the power dissipation doesn't meet the value in this table.

Following table is my calculating when operating mode1 which condition in typical and max.

parameter voltage current (typ) current (max) power(typ) power(max)
AVDD1 1 725 1020 0.725 1.02
AVDD2 1.8 110 130 0.198 0.234
DVDD1 1 1270 1670 1.27 1.67
DVDD2 1.8 35 50 0.063 0.09
SVDD 1 290 510 0.29 0.51
total power 2.546 3.524

Above the table value the typical power is meet the datasheet, but maximum power mismatch the value.

According to the calculating, the maximum power which is correct? Is 3.524W or 3.38W?

If I use the 5% tolerance to calculate it will up to 3.854W, in the worse case is it value correct?