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ACE AD9176-FMC-EBZ Links On or OFF SEL

Category: Software
Product Number: ACE
Software Version: 1.26.3240.1417

Please tell me about the  AD9176-FMC-EBZ Links On/Off function in the center of the screen.
Is this loading state?
Or are you in control?

What register address are you accessing?

  • Hi, these just show the current status of the links. You should see "Links Off" prior to programming and "Links On" if programming is successful. They shouldn't have radio button functionality -- if your link is up and you click "links off" nothing actually changes in the programming. "Read Serdes Status" is a better way to check link status. 

  • Thank you for your reply.
    When a synchronization error occurs and the part where the error occurs is turned off, pressing the "Read SERDES Status" button many times does not change anything.
    Why is the synchronization error recovered when I select the "Links On" button and press the "Read SERDES Status" button?

  • Hello,

    My mistake -- it appears that selecting "Links On" sets a virtual parameter "link_en" to 0x3, while selecting "Links Off" sets this param to 0x0. Then once "Read SERDES Status" is clicked, these values are written to register 0x300 GENERAL_JRX_CTRL_0[1:0], and the links are actually enabled or disabled. So if for some reason your links are disabled (0x300[1:0]=0b00) you need to click "Links On" and "Read SERDES Status" in order to re-enable the links, as you noted.