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AD9735 operating in the second Nyquist zone ?

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD9735


I would like to know if the AD9735 can be operated  with signals in the third Nyquist zone.

In my case, the DAC clock would be 1,2GHz and I need to generate carriers at 1300 MHz ( 5 MHz bandwidth)

I expect to feed the DAC with a signal of 100 MHz and remove the unwanted fundamental and other images with SAW filtering.

Is this possible with AD9735 ? If yes, can we determine roughly the amplitude of that signal that I need ?

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  • Hi Cristian, 

        It's possible in theory. when feed 100MHz to the DAC, the output has tone at 100MHz, (1200-100), (1200+100), (2400-100) and so on. the output amplitude kinds of following the sinc roll off curve. but it might have more rolloff due to the limited analog BW. 

        so the performances(output power, IMD3 etc.) at 1300M are expected worse than 100MHz. Recommend to check the performances before the decision.  

      ADI has other RFDACs with LVDS or Serdes interface that could run faster to generate vector at 1300MHz.