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AD9171 jesd link mode question

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: ad9171

Hi all,

I am new to using JESD204B interface.

I would like to know if only DAC0 works properly when I use AD9171 JESD MODE0 single link mode? In this case is the logical lane used by LINK0 using a physical lane as data source by default?

Any answer will be helpful. thank for your answer!

  • Hi, yes you are correct. Mode 0 single link will use logical lane 0, which by default takes physical lane 0 as its source.

    Best wishes

  • Hi kberry,

    Thank for you answer.

    According to your answer, I think that the AD9171 uses two physical lanes for each LINK when it works under MODE3, which means that the AD9171 can use up to 4 physical lanes at the same time.

    Another question is the order of the logical channels used in each LINK is fixed? For example, in MODE0 single link mode LINK0 can only use logical lane0 as data source, then in MODE3 single/dual link mode LINK0 can only use logical lane0 and logical lane1 as data source?

    The last question is how should the sysref frequency be calculated? I didn't find the corresponding formula in the manual, can you tell me where to get the relevant information?

    Best wishes