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Dual Link JESD setup for independent DAC cores

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: AD9174

I found this point on Product Highlight section(Page 1) of AD9174 datasheet.

I went through the Start-Up sequence for JESD mode setup and found ways to configure dual link(repeating SPI writes on register 0x300,0x475,0x453 & 0x458) respectively.

I have a doubt. Let's say I want to go for JESD mode 4, having L=4,M=4.Now configuring dual JESD link I would do as asked in the start up sequence section, but how do I know that link 0 corresponds to which DAC core, i.e. DAC0 or DAC1.and similarly for Link1 as well.

I wanted to have M=4 (2x complex(I/Q) channels per DAC core data path), so setting link 0 & link 1 separately don't tell me if M=4 corresponds DAC0 or DAC1 core.

Any suggestions on the same would be of much help.