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AD9162: Calculation of LMFCDel with known delays

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: AD9162


I have a question about AD9162 calculated expression for LMFC Delay.
In the calculation which is described in section 7 of page 56 of the Rev.D  datasheet described as follows.

7.  Calculate LMFCDel as follows:
    LMFCDel = (MinDelay − 1) % (K/PClockFactor)
                   = (30 − 1) % (32/2)
                   = 29 % 16
    LMFCDel = 13 PCLK cycles

In this calculation, it substitutes "30" to MinDelay. (Third line)
But I think the "MinDelay" is 25 from sections 4 and 6.

Does it correct that it substitutes "30" to MinDelay?
If it is correct, could you please explain where "30" come from?

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