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Setting up Evaluation Board to computer without DPG2 or SDP-H1

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD9785/AD9787/AD9788

I want to just buy the evaluation board so I don't need to use the SDP-H1 with the adaptor or DPG2. I know we can control the board via SPI but not sure how to. Is there a way to connect the evaluation board straight the the computer and send it commands to test the DAC (whether it be with SPI or some other method) or we need to have the SDP-H1? 

  • Hello Jaime, 

    Thank you for your interest in AD9785/7/8.

    If you connect the evaluation board directly to the computer and provide a 5V 1A supply to P4/P5, you would be able to control the SPI of the DAC using ACE. However, since the data inputs and DCO is controlled by SDP-H1, you would need to have SDP-H1 to fully evaluate the part. 

    Here's the userguide which also contains the schematic for reference. 

    Many Thanks,