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Vector Pattern Generator in replace of DPG

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD9136/AD9135 or AD9144

This question is more in general of most high speed DACs, but I listed two DACs here I was looking at. I see for most of the hardware setup we need a DPG3 to send vector signals to the DAC, but can we use a Vector Pattern Generator in place for this? Do we absolutely need a DPG3 or can we also just connect the DAC to our laptops and do it somehow like that? Also, I know FMZ-EBZ uses a controller board (FPGA) with an ADS and EBZ just uses the DPG3, but for both of these can we set up it by different means as I mentioned?

  • Hello Jamie,

    Thanks for your interest in AD9136/35/44.

    Kindly note that the EBZ boards are obsolete.

    Yes, you would need an ADS7-V2EBZ to power up and control the FMC-EBZ evaluation board. You can also use a different controller board but you would likely need to develop software to control it and unfortunately we currently do not have a reference design specific to these parts. 

    Many Thanks,