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Request for advice on layout AD9767


I'm using DAC AD9767 for my project. It run at 125MHz clock.

In datasheet, analog device recommended that data line should be route as stripline for clean signal. I have concern that when I route as stripline, I have to use via to change layer from top layer to 3rd layer, then change back to top layer, But in my application, I also can route as microstrip, just route in top layer (don't use any via). So which is better? stripline with 2 vias or microstrip with no via on trace?

I have attached images below, red is top layer, purple is 3rd layer. signal go from FPGA to serial terminate resistor (67 Ohm) then to AD9767.

First image is use stripline technic, 2nd is microstripe technic.

I´ll appreciate any feedback, thanks

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  • Hello  , 

    Thank you for your interest in AD9767.

    Stripline is recommended for long board traces. With what you've shared, I would recommend using a microstrip in the top layer. Having this adjacent…

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