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How can I output 4 sinewaves with defferent Amplitude from AD9959 in single-tone-mode?

I read the datasheet,and know AD9959 can control independent frequency/phase/amplitude  between channels. But I'm confused with that how  I can change the amplitude of sinewave in signgle-tone-mode. Dose RU/RD work? I want that the amplitude of sinewaves from 4 channels can be comtrol and don't be changed later.    

  • Static amplitude control can be applied on a per-channel basis as follows...

    1. Select the desired channel per register CSR[7:4].
    2. Enable amplitude control by programming register ACR[12]=1 (applies only to the selected channel).
    3. Disable RU/RD by programming register ACR[11]=0 (applies only to the selected channel).
    4. Program the desired amplitude via register ACR[9:0] (applies only to the selected channel).
    5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 for each channel.

    Note that you can program the amplitude for multiple channels simultaneously by setting multiple bits in step 1. However, this is only useful if more than one channel uses the same amplitude value.