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ad9164 phase continuity when updating FTW of the same NCO

Hi All,

We are going to replace ad9162 with ad9164 in our project to prevent phase discontinuity when changing NCO frequency.

We are thinking about using only the main (48-bit) NCO of ad9164 since we already tested our project with the 48-bit NCO of ad9162.

My understanding of the page 58 of the ad9164 datasheet is that we can enable phase continuity mode inside each of 32 NCOs (one 48-bit NCO and 31 32-bit NCOs) by just writing 0b00 on Bits[7:6] of Register 0x800.

In the response of this post, I noticed that we cannot hop to a new frequency with the same NCO. Does this mean that we should use more that one NCO to update frequency in phase continuous mode ?