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AD9174 Wideband mode


We have been using the AD9172 for a while now in wideband mode where the signal is a complex signal with I map to DAC0 and Q to DAC1. The mode used is JESD mode 10 with x1 interpolation in both channel and main data path. The channel data rate is 3000MSPS and the DAC sampling it 3Gsps.

In order to reduce complexity of the anti-aliasing filter after the DAC, we decided to upgrade to the AD9174 which in wideband mode 10 allows to interpolate by x2 or x4 in the main data path. However this configuration does not seem to work, only 1 DAC output seems to be active when setting the main data path interpolation of the AD9174.

We are using the Linux kernel driver to configure the device.

I see that when the main data path interpolation is set to x4, the NCO becomes enable in the datapath which seems to be a requirement of register 0x112. I fear we have misread the datasheet and usage of the main data path interpolation in wideband mode. Could someone confirm whether what we are trying to achieve is possible ?