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ADF4355 : how to set RFout frequency

I am using ADF4355 chip. However, it has not been able to produce an accurate frequency.

And, Digital Lock detect is not asserted, so LED(MUXOUT) is turn off. When I set that MUXOUT is DVdd,  LED is turned on.

My condition : 

Ref_freq : 122.88MHz

VCO : 4915.2MHz

RF A/B out : 2457.6MHz

Result : 2391.325MHz

Could you guide how to resolve this issue?

I use ADF4355 GUI software and ADIsimPLL.

Below is my register setting value and loop filter image.

Actually, I use C1 = 750pF, C2 = 10nF, C3 = 330pF, R1 = 1.4K, R2 = 2.94K .