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Issues with Windows USB Driver ACE and AD97830DPG2-EBZ


I'm trying to evaluate the AD9783 (on the AD9783-DPG2-EBZ eval board) for my current development project.

Unfortunately the USB Drivers aren't installed correctly.

When I connect the usb cable to my PC the device manager shows an Error Code 28 (The drivers for this device are not installed.)

I have ACE 1.23.3085.1388 and the AD9783-DPG2-EBZ 1.2019.43200 plugin installed.

No hardware is being displayed as attached, when I manually select the hardware it constantly shows a Reset failed message.

From another post in the forum I installed the (probably now) outdated DAC Software Suite.

Now at least a driver is present but I also cannot alter the settings of the dac board with the application. (the check boxes revert to their default settings.

Can you help me with those issues?

Kind regards,


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