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I'm studying how to use the AD9174.
Please tell me some about JESD204B mode and datasheet.(sorry for the rudimentary question.)

1.In the start-up sequence (Table.55) of the data sheet, among the setting values ​​related to JESD204B, there was no description to write information such as F value and M value to the register. Is it not related to startup?

2.How is the JESD204B mode (0-12,18-22 in the datasheet) determined? (I'm sorry if you have a misguided question.)

3.Table 13 of the data sheet lists the combinations of operating modes and interpolations that JESD204B supports, but does that mean that no other combination is feasible?

4.For example, if you want to frequency-modulate the input data at 4GHz, should you use only the NCO in the main data path to determine the fDAC and FTW values?

Thank you.


  • Hi do_u_ma_e,

    The startup sequence in the datasheet is correct, you would only need to write L and NP to the registers. The rest are set based on the JESD_MODE you select. 

    The mode is picked based on the required datarate and Fdac. Please see Table 13. 

    only the combinations in Table 13 are supported. 

    For #4, I am unclear on the question.. The main NCO runs at Fdac, covering a range of Fdac/2 to -Fdac/2.