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How can I calculate the max. output frequency of AD5301 DAC

Hi. Im trying to calculate the max output frequency of AD5301 DAC. I checked the AD5301's datasheet to calculate it. However, I could not find the sampling rate of this IC. Maybe I missed something important point on datasheet. Anyone can brief me about this? Thanks.

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  • Hi, 

    The max. output frequency of a DAC can be roughly computed as the total of the digital transaction time and the output settling time. Max/ output frequency ~= 1/ (t(digital) + t(settling)). 

    For the AD5301's case, t(digital) = t4 + t1x27* + t6 + t8 + t9
    27* is due to Address byte + ack + MS control byte +ack + LS control byte +ack
    = 0.6u + 2.5u x 27 + 0.9u + 0.6u + 1.3u = 70.9us

    t(settling) = 8us max assuming the load conditions specified. 

    max output frequency = 1/ (70.9u + 8u) = 12.67KHz

    Best regards,