AD9081: bandwidth limitation of main data pass on complex data


I have a question about DAC section of MxFE.
This is a question when using 2 DAC channels with complex data.

In table-9 of the datasheet,  the maximum data rate for 2 channel complex data is 4000MSPS. I think the M parameter will be 4 and fDAC will be 12GSPS in this condition.
According to this, the bandwidth will be 3.2GHz because the bandwidth of the interpolation filter will be 80%.

But on table-79 of UG-1578,  the input data rate is 3GSPS and the bandwidth is 2.4GHz at fDAC=12GSPS.

Is AD9081 able to output 3.2GHz bandwidth from 2 DAC channels?
Or, is AD9081 limited the data rate to 3GSPS and the bandwidth to 2.4GHz when using 2 DAC channels?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jul 27, 2021 1:48 PM

    Hi y_suzuki, 

    I believe the UG lists 16-bit resolution. The DS in Table 7 shows the highest possible, with 12-bit resolution. 

    in both cases the limitation is the max lanerate (max JESD204C throughput). passing fewer bits allows higher datarate and wider BW, possibly with a slight impact to NSD due to lower res.