AD9176: ACE could not find AD9176-FMC-EBZ


Our customer has trouble in evaluating AD9176.
He is trying to do the "DC TEST MODE", he connects PC and AD9716-FMC-EBZ using a USB cable, without ADS8-V1EBZ.
The device manager finds AD9176-FMC-EBZ but the ACE software could not find it.
Please see "DeviceManager.png". The Device manager recognized it as "High-Speed DAC USB Evaluation Board(V2)".

But the ACE software could not find AD9716-FMC-EBZ. The icon of the AD9716 does not appear on ACE, pls see "ACE_notDetect_AD9176.png".

The .NET 3.5 Framework, I do not know it should need or not, it had been enabled on the control panel.

The operating system is Windows10 Pro (64Bit) 20H2, the customer installed it on his PC today and he installed "DAC_Setup_1.3.77.154_Full.exe" and "ACE 1.22.3063.1372".
(He did not install any other software)

Do you have ideas which other part should be check?
Could you give us your advice to find the cause of this trouble?

Best regards,