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AD9174 with ADS7-V2 example setup help

I am currently attempting to set up the AD9174 eval board with the ADS7-V2 by following the example software setup procedure from the user guide:  AD917x-FMC-EBZ Evaluation Board User Guide [Analog Devices Wiki]

I have the ADS7-V2 connected to power with its 12V, 5A power supply, and connected to my computer via USB.

The AD9174 is connected to the ADS7-V2 and is also connected to the computer via USB cable.

I am following the steps from the example software setup but am not getting the Links 0 and 1 to show with the green check mark after hitting “Stop”, then “Download”, then “Resync”, then “Play” in DPGDownloader. The links don’t go high, and the Serial Line Rate on the GUI does not read 9.8304Gbps as you can see in the following image:


This is how ACE is being set up:



I have gone through the steps multiple times with the same result. I have reset everything and power cycled the boards and I get the same thing. I have downloaded the AD9172 Plug-in in ACE as well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Additionally, here is a picture of the setup. The red LED on the AD9174 is on.

  • Hi cd96, 

    This is good information.

    The LED near the HMC7044 suggests that either PLL1 or PLL2 did not lock. 

    The lanerate in ACE and DPGD does not match, suggesting the SERDES PLL inside the FPGA (ADS7) did not lock. Its reference is a lanerate/40 clock, generated by the HMC7044. 

    If you have another board to try, I would, in case this is a board issue with the HMC7044.

    If not, you could try all external clocking. Take a look in the schematic. You can configure the board to:

    1. derive the DAC clock externally from J34 

    2. derive lanerate/40 externally from J42 (or was it J41? please check the schematic)

    you would need to solder/remove some caps so that the correct clock path is routed from the connectors to the devices. 

    you would need the two clock sources locked via 10MHz

    This would isolate the HMC7044, in case this is the culprit.

    But before anything, I would double check that your setup and software config matches the Wiki. We know both the hardware and software work - so the issue you are seeing is related to something in your setup, either hardware or software. 


  • Hello cd96, can you let us know if your issue has been resolved or otherwise respond to Arik's comments below?



  • I got the same question, and I am wondering how you eventually solve this problem. THX:).