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AD9146 quad-witch


I am FAE in Japanese distributor.

AD9164 has 4 modes(NRZ,RZ,MIX,2xNRZ).

NRZ,RZ and MIX are set by 0x152[1:0].

 2xNRZ are set by 0x111[0].

When 2xNRZ(FIR85) is enable, is 0x152[1:0]  ignored or the value change the RF signal?

Best regards


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  • Hello

    Our customer observes the spectrum of 4GHz with NCO only mode by AD9164-FMC-EBZ.

    A is FIR85 enable and NRZ. B is  FIR85 enable and Mix mode.

    A is more similar to Figure46(FIR85 enable and Mix mode) than B.

    Could you tell me why A is more similar than B?

    Can Mix mode be used in interpolation mode?

    Can FIR85 be used in NCO only mode?

    Best regards