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HMC1060 Output voltages are less than expected

We are using HMC1060 to power HMC830 IC. Below mentioned screenshot is the circuit diagram we implemented on the custom PCB. The issue we are facing is that the measured voltages at VR1,VR2,VR3 are 2.25V ,2.25V and 2.9V respectively and VR4 is 5.01V. But for Optimum performance of HMC830, the output voltage of VR1..3 shouldn't fall below 3V. 

The circuit suggested in the datasheet of HM1060 is vary straightforward and the same has be implemented on the board. But for some reason the measured voltage is always less that the expected voltage of 3.3V. Can someone please look at the screenshot of the schematic given below and let me know if I have missed anything ?

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