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Can LTC5553 support real-time bandwidth above 5GHz?

I use TI’s DAC38RF82, which is similar to AD9161. Both are RF DACs. The real-time bandwidth of RF82 reaches 2GHz. My LO uses lmx2595 with a frequency range of 1~20GHz. After mixing with LTC5553, I will keep the double-sideband signal.

I need a large bandwidth signal to carry out signal suppression interference experiments, which interfere with all signals with a frequency between 6~9GHZ.

Question 1: Can the LTC5553 mixer support a real-time bandwidth of 5GHz?

Question 2: LTC5553 includes a band-pass filter with a range of 3~20GHz. My IF intermediate frequency is lower than 3GHz. After mixing, is the power of the IF component in the RF still high?