Automatic Timing Optimization Mode AD9788B


I'm working on the AD9788, I tried to use the  Automatic Timing Optimization Mode. I set Data timing mode (Register 0x02, Bit 3 = 1), but still have a noisy DAC output.

Also, I saw that the same mode is not working in AD9779A (

Is it the case for AD9788 ?

Thank you 


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  • Hi ShineC, 

    thank you for your answer. Actually I have the same noise with or without automatic timing optimization Mode (Register 0x02, Bit 3 = 1) or (Register 0x02, Bit 3 = 0). The only case where I have a proper output is when activating DATACLK delay enable and putting a DATACLK Delay [4:0], but I prefer to use automatic Timing Optimization Mode if it is possible.

    thank you