Ad9122 data input

1、Do N data input port and P data input port of ad9122 control IOUTN and IOUTP respectively?

2、Is the IQ signal to be set up separately in FPGA, or only one channel of data will be created, and the data will be automatically divided into I channel and Q channel  in the chip?

3、If I use stm32f4 Series MCU with 168mhz clock frequency instead of FPGA, can I output 150MHz sine wave with AD9122?

Because I'm a beginner, I don't know many things. I may ask some low-level questions. Please forgive me.Thank you for your answer.

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  • Thank you ,I understand the previous question.But now I have some new questions.

    1、My output is SMA interface. How to use oscilloscope to measure output?

    My current situation is that I directly connect iout-p and iout-n to the oscilloscope without any processing, and the output is always 3.3V. But I have created a sine wave in FPGA and driveit to ad9122 through LVDS  interface.For register configuration, I refer to page 59 of the datasheet.

    I hope and look forward to your answers,thank you!

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